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Valina was formed in 1995. The final shows will take place in January 2016.
Members are Anatol Bogendorfer (guitar, vocals), Anselm Dürrschmid (drums) and Florian “Husbert” Huber (bass).
Since 2008 Werner Zangerle (saxophone) joined the band on a regular basis.
Claus Harringer (drums until 2005) is a founding member of Valina.
Since 1999 the rehearsal room of Valina is located at the industrial harbor of Linz.

Albums & Recordings
Valina recorded the first two 7inch records in 1996 (poor & obscure) and 1997 (Billy Kornrider) with Klaus Schmid at the KAPU, Linz.
The debut album of Valina (Into arsenal of codes) was recorded by Bernhard Hahn in Bietigheim-Bissingen. It was released in 2000 and marks the first collaboration in a long relationship with the Austrian Independent Label Trost Records.
Valina made four records with the Chicago based recording engineer Steve Albini at his studio Electrical Audio: 2002 (Vagabond), 2008 (a tempo! a tempo!), 2014 (Container), 2015 (in position).
One EP (Epode) was done in 2005 with Valina live engineer Philip Huemer.
A few single songs were contributed to some compilations. The song Escort of Soda appeared on a limited and quickly sold out split-7inch with the Minneapolis based band Sicbay.

The first live appearance of Valina took place in Kremsmünster, Upper Austria.
Valina played the total amount of about 700 live shows across four continents.
From a European point of view the most southern show was in La Plata (Argentina), Oslo in the north, Moscow in the east and Austin, Texas in the west.
For one time Valina played a live session on TV (Mexico), oddly enough never on radio.

Valina played at regular venues, clubs, squats, youth centers, theatres, cinemas, living rooms and some selected festivals. Valina often collaborated with people from the international DIY scene, music enthusiasts aka music specialists rather than corporate specialists.

Valina has works released on the following labels:
Trost Records (Vienna, Austria), Joyful Noise Recordings (Indianapolis/USA), Conspiracy (Antwerp/Belgium), Fifty-Four Forty Or Fight! (Acme MI/USA), Interstellar (Graz/Austria), Lufthanfa (Linz/Austria), Tempête Dans Ton Bourg (Thierryville/France), SuperFi Records (Bristol/England)

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played their last show on
Jan 23rd 2016